​​​Arman Farahmand

An     Award-Wining     multidisciplinary design leader focusing on physical product creative ideas, then bringing them to life with innovation.

About me

​​​​What i see in myself is a pure passion for Design, i just try to shape the world around me with it considering function and beauty toghether.
whithin last 15 years i experienced industrial design, prototyping, service design, Arts and crafts, Architecture, photography, videography, sells, business and managements.
​​​​​​​constantly try to improve my social skills to work as a team and lead it.

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درباره استدیو طراحی بهرنگ

Awards and honors

2012: A Design day, University of Tehran
Appreciated design
2013: Decolight:lighting competition, Tehran/Iran
2nd place
2013: A Design day, University of Tehran
Appreciated design
2014: Hodex:the first iranian furniture grand prize, Tehran/Iran
1st place
2015: Idiran:the first iranian industrial design competiotion, Tehran/Iran
1st Place in furniture category
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