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​Who is Arman Farahmand?

Redesigning the world around me is the mission

He was born in Isfahan/Iran in 1991 and raised in Tehran/Iran. he was a gifted drawer as a kid and fascinated by industrial design as teenager so he went to Art University of Tehran in 2010 to study Industrial/Product design and graduated in 2014. since then he experienced different field of works such as Design and Redesign, Service Design, Business and Management, Photography and Videography, Branding, Architecture, Prototyping, Marketting, Arts and crafts and Charity activities.


Born 1991 in Isfahan/Iran
Moved to Tehran/Iran 1993
Finished highschool in 2008
Won the 46th place in university entrance exam between thousands in 2009


Entered AUT in 2010
Participated in various design activities, expos, exibitions, awards, seminars and etc meanwhile in University
Graduated BA degree 2014
Started to work as a freelance designer in 2014


​​Started to work in Golden Design in 2015
Founded Beaniko Decoration House in late 2015

Designed and Produced various decoration pieces within five years
Got married in 2018


Experienced Architecture 2019
At late 2019 entered his familly business "Farahmand Tools" and transformed it from a traditional business to a modern one by designing identity, systems, services and also its architecture, sales and financial structure


Co-Founded TAK company (cutting tools experties) 2022
Took place as CEO in the same year and Designed a brand named "STARK" with various products in the field


Started to work outside of the country as partner and designer in companies based in US and Canada under the studio named "Arman Farahmand Design Studio" which he founded back in 2014

it is rare in Iran to present a design in national television. in 2014 after wining the first furniture grand prize his work was presented as a solo exibition in "Khalij Fars" complex, the interview happened at that place and time with "Dar shahr" press tv program.

​​National Tv appreance for design

Design skills

.industrial design
.R&D and redesign
.graphic design
.service design
​​​​​​​.system design
​​​​​​​.brand design

Soft skills

.decision making
.design thinking
.team working
.fast learning

Personal skills
.business .management

.social media

Software skills


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